Marcus Crow, co-founder of 10,000 Hours


Daring ideas in a safe pair of hands

That’s our trademark. 10,000 Hours is concerned with experience. And mastery. Our experience is being at the front of a room of people and saying and doing the right things at the right time to get the right result for our client.

For more than 10,000 hours we have delivered dynamic keynote presentations to large corporate audiences, facilitated high-stakes conversations for senior teams, conducted deeply immersive themed simulations for teams, and taught new skills to all levels of executive talent moving up in their careers with the best organisations.

We love experience. Both kinds. The experience housed in our history that informs and improves our work, and the experience we create in the room with the individuals and teams from our client audiences every day.

Why daring ideas?

We relentlessly scour the halls of academia and industry for the finest insights on talent, teams, behaviour and performance. We curate the best of it and combine it with our own ongoing discoveries and insights to ensure we have the most compelling suite of intellectual assets to bring to your team. We call these assets our daring ideas.

Why 10,000 Hours?

Made popular by Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, the original research by K. Anders Ericsson revealed the fact that those at the top of their craft, trade, vocation or profession, all possessed no less than 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. And that’s why we chose the name 10,000 Hours. Because every one you engage from our business has at least that. For you it means a safe pair of hands.

Which is why we describe ourselves as: Daring ideas in a safe pair of hands.

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