About Marcus Crow

Marcus Crow

Marcus is co-founder of 10,000 Hours. Call it “Act 2”.

Act 1 was Australia’s fastest-growing and most highly-valued soft-skills training company, Oxygen Learning. Kicked-off in 1999, Marcus and his co-founders designed, built, and grew it into a thriving consultancy which was sold to John Singleton’s STW Group in 2011. Marcus’ career prior to that included green-pen auditing with one of the big four, toothpaste sales in grocery, and television marketing in big-box retail. His love of business and entrepreneurial life however was forged over childhood years helping out in his father’s accountancy and data-processing practice.

Falling into executive education in 1997, Marcus has enjoyed years of practice at the front of the room of client workshops, conferences, off sites and events.

After 15 years it was time to evolve to a new brand, a new business, a new philosophy.

Enter: 10,000 Hours.

Daring ideas in a safe pair of hands.

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